Anne Meneley "Walking, Nature Walking, Urban Walking: Genres of Walking in the Holy Land and Beyond"

Departmental Seminar Series features Anne Meneley, Professor at Department of Anthropology, Trent University, Canada.

The seminar is followed by informal gathering, at which refreshments are served. All are welcome!

Copyright: Trent University

Research profile

Professor Anne Meneley is a cultural anthropologist, with degrees earned at McGill University (B.A.) and New York University (M.A., Ph.D.). Professor Meneley has taught formerly at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon.

Her teaching and research interests include the Middle East, Arabian Peninsula, Italy, religion and worldview, Islam, gender, theories of exchange, production, and consumption, ethnographic methods, culture and food, and histories of anthropology.

Professor Meneley is currently working on the anthropology of contemporary academic practices, an interest that has led to her co-edited volume with Donna Young "Auto-Ethnographies: The Anthropology of Academic Practices" . Her other research project investigates the production, circulation, and consumption of Italian extra-virgin olive oil.

Professor Meneley is the author of Tournaments of Value: Sociability and Hierarchy in a Yemeni Town, and the co-author with Don Kulick of "Fat: The Anthropology of an Obsession". An eclectic and highly original examination of one of the most dynamic concepts-and constructs-in the world. Selected publications

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