Administrative staff

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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Katrine Blindheimsvik Blindheimsvik, Katrine Adviser +47-22855627
Picture of Kirsten Ingeborg Greiner Greiner, Kirsten Ingeborg Senior Executive Officer +47-22858184
Picture of Alf Chr Jensen Jensen, Alf Chr Executive Officer +47-22857573
Picture of Nina Rundgren Rundgren, Nina Head of Office +47-22856527 +47-40202799
Picture of Mette Kristin Stenberg Stenberg, Mette Kristin Executive Officer +47-22856526 front desk, mail and postage, web, syllabus/achievement requirements, confirmations, seminars, travel booking and settlement
Picture of Gro Strømsheim Strømsheim, Gro Senior Executive Officer +47-22854845 +47 92 02 94 53 Web, publishing, communication, press
Picture of Irene Svarteng Svarteng, Irene Senior Executive Officer +47-22854803 41209210 +47 412 09 210 Research administration, External funding, EU, Research Council Norway (RCN)
Picture of Elisa Vik Vik, Elisa Higher Executive Officer +47-22854412