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Picture of Eirik Bischoff Riis Anfinsen Anfinsen, Eirik Bischoff Riis Social Anthropology
Picture of Arne Cato Berg Berg, Arne Cato Senior Lecturer
Picture of Odd Are Berkaak Berkaak, Odd Are Professor +47-22855730 +47-91648323 Historical anthropology, Material culture, Method, Space/place, Anthropology of the senses, Semiotics, England, Africa, West Indies
Picture of Ola Gunhildrud Berta Berta, Ola Gunhildrud PhD Candidate +47 95970180 Globalization, Power, Religion, Material culture, Oceania, identity, Waste
Picture of Harald Beyer Broch Beyer Broch, Harald Professor emeritus Nature/culture, Psychological anthropology, Coastal culture, Ecological culture, Emotions
Picture of Tom Bratrud Bratrud, Tom PhD Candidate Office: +47 22855105 Mobile: +47 99457861
Picture of Jonas Kure Buer Buer, Jonas Kure PhD Candidate +47-22858262 40453367 Rituals, Popular medicin, Clinical communication, Japan
Picture of Lotte Danielsen Danielsen, Lotte PhD Candidate
Picture of Thomas Hylland Eriksen Eriksen, Thomas Hylland Professor +47-22844128 90050293 +47-90050293 Globalisation, Modernity, Culture, Identity, Norway, The Caribean
Picture of Rune Hjalmar Espeland Espeland, Rune Hjalmar Multiculturalism, Politics, Youth, Violence, Conflict, East Africa, Tanzania, Uganda
Picture of Cicilie-Merethe Fagerlid Fagerlid, Cicilie-Merethe Research Fellow +47-22856866 Urban culture, Ethnicity, Nation and state, Space/place, France, United Kingdom
Picture of Rune Flikke Flikke, Rune Associate Professor +47-22857571 +47-91163956 Medical Anthropology, Nature/culture, Religion, Rituals, South Africa
Picture of Elisabeth L'Orange Furst Furst, Elisabeth L'Orange Professor Emeritus +47-22858316 41645192 47-416 45 192 Gender, food, body, identity, subjectivity, rationality, feminist theory, epistemology, modernity, gifts and commodities, Norway, Scandinavia, Moldova, Eastern Europe
Picture of Paul Wenzel Geissler Geissler, Paul Wenzel Professor +47-22857579 Anthropology of science, postcolonial science studies, Medical Anthropology, Social change, Historical anthropology, Temporality, Africa, Kenya, Tanzania
Picture of Martine Greek Greek, Martine PhD Candidate Office: +47 22855154 Mobile: +47 48126488
Picture of Lena Gross Gross, Lena PhD-Candidate Globalisation, Environment, Power, Resource management, Social change, Linguistic anthropology
Picture of Maria A. Guzman-Gallegos Guzman-Gallegos , Maria A. Postdoktor - the Department of Social Anthropology +47-22854042
Picture of Chris Hann Hann, Chris Professor II - The Department of Social Anthropology
Picture of Penelope Harvey Harvey, Penelope Professor II
Picture of Nina Alnes Haslie Haslie, Nina Alnes Ph.D. Candidate +47 48286222 Environment, Development, Labour, Material Culture, Nature/culture, Space/place, Tourism, Latin America, Caribbean
Picture of Ingjerd Hoëm Hoëm, Ingjerd Professor +47-22856532 Identity, Cognitive anthropology, Linguistic anthropology, Space/place, Rituals, Pacific Ocean, Polynesia, Tokelau/New Zealand
Picture of Signe Howell Howell, Signe Professor emerita Adoption, Biotechnology, Emotions, Fertility, Gifts/commodities, Religion, Rituals, Social organisation, Kinship, Gender, Ecological anthropology
Picture of Tone Høgblad Høgblad, Tone PhD Candidate Religion, Christianity, Politics, Social change, Economic anthropology, Nordic culture, Norway
Picture of Thorgeir Kolshus Kolshus, Thorgeir Associate professor +47 22854246 +47 99550231 Religion and power, development studies, anthropology of christianity
Picture of Christian Krohn-Hansen Krohn-Hansen, Christian Professor +47-22855716 Power, Nation and state, Economic anthropology, Globalisation, Carribean, The Dominican Republic