Occupational health and safety

The Department of Social Anthropology gives priority to a good physical and psychosocial working environment.

We hope that everybody thrives in the environment at the department and that your physical work place is of a character such that you can work without being troubled by different forms of strain and unnecessary stress. If there is anything which does not function as it should, we would like to hear about it!

The Health and Safety Representative at the department of Social Anthropology is Arnd Schneider, Deputy Representative is Gyro Anna Holen.  At UiOs central pages on Health and Safety there is more information on the arrangements for Health and Safety Representatives.

Safety inspections will be conducted (by the office managers and health and safety representatives) once a year.

Further information on Health and Safety at UiO can be found here:

UiO central web pages about Occupational Health and Safety

Reporting concerns at UiO

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