Student visiting Scheme with Oxford Mindfulness Centre

The Department of Psychology (PSI) and Oxford Mindfulness Centre (OMC) at the University of Oxford have made a 4- year collaboration (2014-2018) contract. The Student visiting Scheme is part of this.

What is it?

Enables PSI students and PhD candidates to visit OMC for one Oxford term each (8 weeks), total of 11 slots over 4 years commencing Oct 2014. OMC researchers will teach and supervise students and offer doctoral training to PSI-employed PhD candidates in Oslo

What will you be doing at the OMC?

  • Receive tutorials for academic supervision
  • Attend Departmental seminars and research meetings at the OMC
  • Unique opportunity to do 8-week  MBCT course led by experienced mindfulness teachers

The Oxford academic year 2018 (spring term available):

  • Hilary term: January 14th - March 10th 2018

Who may apply?

DClinPsych students (‘profesjonsstudenter’) from semester 4-6 and PSI PhD candidates will be prioritised, however Masters Students with research interests within the OMC remit may also apply.

Students and PhD candidates employed at PSI with an interest in:

  • Mechanisms underlying sustained vulnerability to depression and suicidality and their treatment
  • Experimental psychopathology approaches to psychopathology
  • Mindfulness-based approaches to treatment of affective disorders
  • International learning context

Application requirements

  • Online application via  link (internet form)
  • Signed letter of Support from supervisor (should include one from permanent staff at PSI)
  • Proposed solutions as to how you may proceed your PSI work while visiting Oxford

By proposed solutions we mean you should look at your courses for the relevant semester, identify work load and what you will miss of obligatory activity at PSI.

Application deadlines

  • Hilary January 14th - March 10th 2018, deadline for applications October19th (23:59)


DClinPsych students that are offered and accept place at respective term will receive NOK 35 000 scholarship to cover travel/accommodation costs. MA and Phd candidates may apply to the Department for funding using NRCs rates for visiting abroad: NOK 16 000 (single) / 31 000 (family) per month.

Other funding opportunities not associated with this scheme but linked to Oxford, see Norway Scholarship at Wadham College, Oxford University, deadline October 15th.

University of Oxford

  • 2nd in the World University Rankings
  • 39 colleges which together make up Oxford University
  • Oldest colleges were established in 1249
  • There are over 22,000 students, including approx.12,000 undergraduates and 10,000 graduate students

Oxford Mindfulness Centre

Oxford Mindfulness Centre (OMC)

  • International Centre of Excellence within University of Oxford Department of Psychiatry
  • Translational research
  • Using experimental psychopathology designs
  • Pioneering theoretical development as well as clinical interventions aimed at preventing and alleviating recurrent depression and suicidality
  • Clinical interventions
  • Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy delivered to people with recurrent depression via the NHS, to the general public and to students
  • Recurrent depression and suicidality, long term medical conditions
  • Teacher training: MSt in MBCT, foundation course, supervision


For questions, please contact: Adm. coordinator PSI Vera Østensen or Adm. coordinator at OMC Tanya Smith:

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