Rumination and cognitive control in depression

Open guest lecture and seminar by Professor Jutta Joormann, Yale University.

Photo: Yale University

Jutta Joormann is a Professor at the Department of Psychology (Yale University), where she also is the Director of the Affect Regulation and Cognition Lab. Her main areas of interest include the identification of cognitive risk factors for depression, research on the comorbidity of anxiety and depression, and research on social anxiety disorder. Her current work examines attention and memory processes in depression and how these are linked to rumination and emotion dysregulation. In her work, she integrates a multitude of measures, including cognitive tasks, psychophysiological measures of stress reactivity and regulation, eye tracking, neuroendocrine assessments, genotyping, and brain imaging.

Auditorium 3:

10:00-11:00 Open guest lecture by Jutta Joormann: "Rumination and cognitive control in depression".

Seminarrom 6:

12:00-14:00 Open seminar “Depression and cognition”.


The lecture and seminar is open for all, but registration of attendance is required


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