Open Lecture on Clinical Care of People who Self-harm

Title: "Clinical Care of People who Self-harm"

Lecturer: Professor Keith Hawton, Centre for Suicide research, University of Oxford

Professor Keith Hawton

Clinical management of self-harm (intentional self-poisoning or self-injury) patients is rightly receiving increasing attention. This is understandable given the large numbers of people who present to hospitals following self-harm, growing awareness of the problems they face, the extent to which self-harm is repeated, and the risk of future suicide and other fatal outcomes. Evidence to guide clinical practice is slowly but surely growing.

In his talk, Professor Keith Hawton will give an update on recent advances in clinical management of self-harm, and challenges facing research in this area. Key areas are attitudes of medical and nursing staff towards patients, the pivotal role of psychosocial assessment in hospital, and the significance of aftercare. Finally, the impact of self-harm on families will be discussed.

Professor Hawton will share findings from the Multicentre Study of Self-Harm in the UK, and the lecture will include some resources that have been developed as a result to help parents and carers.  The lecture will be followed by an opportunity for Q&A..

About the lecturer

Keith Hawton is professor of Psychiatry and the Director of the Centre for Suicide Research at Oxford University.  For more than forty years he and his research group have been conducting investigations concerning the causes, treatment, prevention and outcome of suicidal behaviour. He has published more than 500 papers and chapters and 15 books. He has received the Stengel Research Award from the International Association for Suicide Prevention (1995), the Dublin Career Research Award from the American Association of Suicidology (2000), the Research Award of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (2002), a Life Achievement Award presented at the European Symposium of Suicide & Suicidal Behaviour (2012), the Morselli Medal from the International Association of Suicide Research, Montreal (2013) and the Finnish Psychiatric Association Medal (2014).
He is a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences. Professor Hawton has a particular interest in epidemiology and clinical management of self-harm, suicide and self-harm in adolescents, media influences on self-harm and evaluation of suicide prevention initiatives..

The lecture is open to all interested parties. Welcome! Please register your attendance by September 19th HERE.

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