Illusions - present and future

Open, international seminar on perceptual Illusions. Researchers from Italy, Japan, U.S.A. and Norway to present their research (past, present and future).

This will be an opportunity for everyone to learn about an area of psychological research which has great relevance for understanding cognition and perception, but that is also fun to experience!

Dr. Mark Changizi (A2 Labs, USA) will be the key-note speaker, followed by: Daniele Zavagno (University of Milano, Italy), Bruno Laeng (University of Oslo, Norway), Olga Daneyko  (University of Parma, Italy), Luca Tommasi (Universit√° of Chieti, Italy), Matia Okubo (Senshu University, Japan), Tor Endestad (University of Oslo, Norway).

The seminar is open to anyone and will be understandable to a wider audience than psychology. In order to secure hospitality - please register for attendance.


09:45 Coffee/tea, croissant
10:10 Welcome
10:15 "Perceiving the present and a grand unified theory of illusions"
           Dr. Mark Changizi2AI Labs, USA, Key-note speaker
11:00 " lux facta est: The perception and the representation of light",
          Dr. Daniele Zavagno, University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy
11:30 "Bright illusions",
          Professor Bruno Laeng, University of Oslo, Norway
12:00 Lunch
13:00 "...The Uznadze aftereffects: From haptics to visual",
          Olga Daneyko, University of Parma, Italy
13:30 "When perception is in the hands of the observer: Embodiment and illusion",
          Professor Luca Tommasi, University of Chieti, Italy
14:00 "The Race Face Illusion":
          Ass. professor Matia Okubo, Senshu University, Japan
14:30 " Hearing illusory sounds: the role of transformations in auditory cortex",
          Ass. professor Tor Endestad, University of Oslo, Norway

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