Sigrid Fremmerlid Wold

Front desk/Executive officer

Tasks preformed

  • Front desk (expedition, phone calls, e-mail)
  • Mail distirbution
  • Card acsess and -loans
  • Parking permits for visitors
  • Booking of rooms (studying, teaching, other)
  • General study guide
  • Lending out Psycological tests and AV-equipment
  • Submisson of home exams
  • Confirmationletters regarding studies/courses
  • Ordering of food for arrangements at the department of Psychology
  • Contactperson regarding special facilitiation for students with special needs
  • Contactperson regarding the departements teaching environment



Employee at Department of Psychology since august 2011.

Bachelor in Media Studies from the University of Oslo.

Previosly worked as an administrative secretary and member consultant.

Tags: Front desk
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