Eva Elisabeth Aspaas Skoe

Professor Emeritus
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Mobile phone +47 93 00 30 88
Room N02-01/02
Available hours By agreement
Visiting address Forskningsveien 3A Harald Schjelderups hus 0373 Oslo

Academic Interests

  • Identity and Moral Development

  • The Ethic of Care

  • Prosocial behaviour

  • Personality development in a cultural and lifespan perspective

  • The Psychology of Religion and Spirituality

Skoe’s main field of research is moral development where she is renowned for the construction and validation of a care-based moral development measure: The Ethic of Care Interview. Her work on moral reasoning, identity and gender is widely published. Currently she also is working on developing courses and research studies in the area of the Psychology of Religion.

Higher education and employment history

  • Professor of Psychology

  • Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada.

  • Has been a visiting scholar at Harvard University and also at Arizona State University


Collaborating closely with international scholars in the areas of identity and moral development as well as the psychology of religion

Tags: Developmental psychology, Emeritus


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