Lunch with Bernt: The Rise of the Asia-Pacific and the Role of Creative Middle Power Diplomacy

Address by Mr Kevin Rudd MP, Foreign Minister of Australia.

 Mr Kevin Rudd MP, Foreign Minister of Australia.

Mr Rudd's presentation will highlight the common challenges that Norway and Australia share as contemporary middle powers with global economic and strategic interests. Asia's growth is fundamentally changing global power dynamics - and China's growing prosperity is changing the world.

Mr Rudd will argue that the Asia Pacific needs to work together if it is to assure the continuation of the region's growth and prosperity over the last 40 years. How Australia and Norway engage the Asia Pacific is an important element in meeting that challenge.


Frokost med Bernt: Prof. Bernt Hagtvet and PhD-fellow Anders Ravik Jupskås
Emneord: Australia, utenrikspolitikk, Internasjonal politikk, Kina
Publisert 9. mai 2011 13:48 - Sist endret 17. nov. 2016 09:37