Robert Huseby

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Phone 22856287
Room 917
Available hours Thursdays 13-14
Visiting address Eilert Sundts Hus
Postal address Pb. 1097 - Blindern 0317 OSLO

Academic Interests

Climate ethics




Democratic theory


Distributive justice


Normative methodology


Individual and collective moral responsibility


Consequentialism and nonconsequentialism


Economic sanctions


Courses taught

Political theory

Political analysis



2015: Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Oslo

2014-2015: Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Oslo

2012-2013: Associate Professor,  Buskerud University College  

2008-2012: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Political Science, University of Oslo

2008: Research School Coordinator, The Ethics Programme, University of Oslo

2002 – 2007: PhD student, Department of Political Science, University of Oslo

2002: Lecturer, Political Science, Østfold University College


Tags: Political theory, Distributive justice, Climate ethics


Huseby, Robert (fortcoming): "Should We Relinquish or Distribute the Benefits of Injustice?" The Journal of Value Inquiry

Huseby, Robert (2018): "In or Out? On Benevolent Absolutisms in The Law of Peoples." Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy 13(2): 154-178.

Huseby, Robert (2017): “How Should Citizens’ Collective Liability for State Action be Grounded?” Journal of Global Ethics 13(2): 366-379. 

Angell, Kim and Robert Huseby (2017): "Should Irregular Immigrants be (Rapidly) Enfranchised?" Political Research Quarterly 70(2): 363-373.

Huseby, Robert (2016): "Sufficiency, Priority, and Aggregation," in Fourie, Carina and Rid, Annette (Eds.) What Is Enough? Sufficiency, Justice and Health. NY: Oxford University Press.

Huseby, Robert (2016): "The Beneficiary Pays Principle and Luck Egalitarianism" Journal of Social Philosophy 47(3): 332-349.

Huseby, Robert (2016): "Can Luck Egalitarianism Justify the Fact that Some are Worse Off than Others?" Journal of Applied Philosophy 33(3): 259-269.

Huseby, Robert (2015): “Should the Beneficiaries Pay?” Politics, Philosophy & Economics 14(2): 209-225.

Huseby, Robert (2014): “Normative Consent and the Scope of Democratic Authority,” Politics 34(4): 334-344.

Huseby, Robert (2013): “John Rawls and Climate Justice – An Amendment to The Law of Peoples,” Environmental Ethics 35(2): 227-243.

Huseby, Robert (2012): “Sufficiency and Population Ethics,” Ethical Perspectives, 19(2): 187-206.

Huseby, Robert (2012): “Why Numbers (Almost) Always Count – Nonconsequentialism and Intrapersonal Aggregation,” SATS – Northern European Journal of Philosophy, 13(1): 60-74.

Huseby, Robert (2012): “Cohens kritikk av Rawls – likhet og rettferdighet,” Nytt Norsk Tidsskrift, 2: 148-155.

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Feiring, Eli and Robert Huseby (2007) “Velferdsstat, fordelingsrettferdighet ognyliberalisme,” in P. K. Mydske, D. H. Claes, og A. Lie (eds.) Nyliberalisme – ideer og politisk virkelighet. (Oslo: Universitetsforlaget).

Huseby, Robert (2007): “Internasjonal fordelingsrettferdighet,” i Jon Hovi og Raino Malnes (red.) Anarki, normer og makt (Oslo: Abstrakt forlag).

Hovi, Jon, Robert Huseby and Detlef Sprinz (2005): “When do (Imposed) Sanctions Work?” World Politics 57(4): 479-99.

Huseby, Robert (2003): “Økonomiske sanksjoner - effektivitet og moral," in Bjørn Erik Rasch, Janne Haaland Matlary og Per Kristen Mydske (red.) Spillet om Irak (Oslo: Abstrakt Forlag).

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