Inga Ydersbond

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Mobile phone 92019154
Room 913
Available hours Monday 16.00-17.00
Other affiliations Department of Political Science

Academic Interests

  • European energy and climate policy
  • Electricity grid governance
  • Interest groups
  • Energy system transformation
  • Qualitative and quantitative methods

Higher education and employment history

  • Master degree in political science at University of Oslo (2011). Exchange student to University of Kontstanz (2010). Wrote master thesis for the Fridtjof Nansen Institute
  • Different positions at UiO, including being a course teacher at Department of political science and being an employee at NORDEM at Norwegian centre for human rights


I am connected to the international research centre Strategic Challenges in International Climate and Energy Policy (CICEP)


Ongoing and planned research projects

PhD project about advocacy coalitions in the EUs energy and climate policy.

Three ongoing projects:

1) "Where is power really situated in the EU? Complex multi-stakeholder negotiations and the climate and energy 2030-targets."

This project will soon be published as an FNI report and will also be submitted as an article in the coming weeks.

2) "To connect or not to connect? The issue of European electricity grid expansion and national sovereignty."

This project will be submitted as an article spring 2016.

3) "Aiming to be leaders, but struggling to go forward: Sweden and Norway on energy system transformation". This project has been published in the form of a conference journal article and will hopefully be submitted as a full article summer 2016.



Tags: Energy policy, EU, International Politics, Climate policy, Methods


Ydersbond, Inga Margrete and Korsnes, Marius Støylen (2016). What drives investment in wind energy? A comparative study of China and the European Union. Energy Research & Social Science, 12, pp. 50-61.

Ydersbond, Inga Margrete (2014). Multilevel 'venue shopping': the case of EU's Renwables Directive. Interest Groups & Advocacy, 3,1, pp. 30-58.  


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View all works in Cristin

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