Elin Lerum Boasson

Associate Professor - Department of Political Science
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Phone +47-22841710
Room 840
Available hours Onsdag 10.00 - 11.00
Visiting address Moltke Moes vei 31 Eilert Sundts hus blokk B 0851 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1097 Blindern 0317 OSLO

Academic interests

Energy and climate policies in Norway, Sweden, UK and the EU. Comparative climate politics, Europeanization, Policy Entrepreneurship, Neo-institutionalism, Economic sociology, Organization studies, Policy Studies and European Integration.

Courses taught


Elin Lerum Boasson has a PhD in Political Science from the University of Oslo. She has been a visiting scholar at University of California, Berkeley and Freie University, Berlin. Boasson has worked as a researcher at the Fridtjof Nansen Institute and has a 20% position at CICERO Center for International Climate and Environmental Research - Oslo. Boasson is leader of working group 1 ‘Sources’ (focusing on climate policy invention) in the COST Action Innovations in Climate Governance: Sources, Patterns and Effects. She is currently leading a large research project on European renewable energy policies, 'Revising the National Renewables Policy Mix: The role of state aid and other key EU policies (REMIX).

Positions held




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  • Andresen, Steinar; Boasson, Elin Lerum & Hønneland, Geir (2012). Ideals and practice in international environmental politics, In Steinar Andresen; Elin Lerum Boasson & Geir Hønneland (ed.),  International environmental agreements: an introduction.  Routledge.  ISBN 9780415598255.  11.  s 173 - 191

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  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2015). National Climate Policy - A Multi-field Approach. Routledge.  ISBN 9781138781139.  238 s. Show summary
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum & Wettestad, Jørgen (2013). EU Climate Policy: Industry, Policy Interaction and External Environment. Ashgate.  ISBN 9781409403555.  223 s.
  • Andresen, Steinar; Boasson, Elin Lerum & Hønneland, Geir (ed.) (2012). International environmental agreements: an introduction. Routledge.  ISBN 9780415598255.  199 s.

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  • Huitema, Dave; Boasson, Elin Lerum & Beunen, Raoul (2018). Entrepreneurship in climate governance at the local and regional levels: concepts, methods, patterns, and effects. Regional Environmental Change.  ISSN 1436-3798.  18(5), s 1247- 1257 . doi: 10.1007/s10113-018-1351-5
  • Leiren, Merethe Dotterud; Szulecki, Kacper; Banet, Catherine; Boasson, Elin Lerum; Wettestad, Jørgen & Bjermeland, Monica (2018). Panel: Utviklingen av støttesystemer for fornybar energi i seks europeiske land.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2017). Delta i debatten Miljønasjon eller oljenasjon: Norske verdier i oljealderen.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2017). EU climate and energy policy – implications for Norway.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2017). EUs klimapolitikk og Norge.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2017). Enabled by a perfect storm? European Renewables Integration by EU state aid guidelines.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2017). Entrepreneurship and polycentricity.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2017). Goliath strikes back: Explaining renewable energy Europeanization and market steering through EU state aid guidelines.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2017). How do the EU renewables policy and state aid regulations affect national renewable energy policy developments?.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2017). Hvilke politikk har EU og hvilke betydning har det for Norge?.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2017). Hvordan skiller klimameldingen seg fra tidligere klimapolitikk?.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2017). Klimapolitikk - i EU og Norge.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2017). Locked-in Europeanization: Swedish renewables exceptionalism.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2017). Norsk klimapolitikk i komparativt perspektiv.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2017). Panel about Where is the ongoing revision of the EU renewable energy policy heading?.
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  • Tennbakk, Berit; Boasson, Elin Lerum & Leiren, Merethe Dotterud (2017). Development of scenarios for EU renewable policies. Discussion paper 2016-12. Show summary
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2016). EU State Aid Guidelines: What can explain the shift in 2014?.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2016). EUs nye fornybar energi politikk Hvor går EU og hva kan bli konsekvensene for Norge?.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2016). Energimelding 1999 vs 2016. Hvor forskjellig er klimaprofilen, hva kan forklare dette og hva blir konsekvensene?.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2016). Norwegian Renewables Policy: Why will Norway abolish the Green Certificate Scheme from 2021?.
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  • Boasson, Elin Lerum & Bang, Guri (2016). Climate Governance Research and the IPCC: What can we hope to achieve?.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum & Leiren, Merethe Dotterud (2016). Hvordan vil nye EU-regler rettet mot fornybar energi og kapasitetsmekansimer se ut?.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2014). EU 2030 climate targets: Implications for Norway.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2014). EU 2030 climate targets: Implications for Norway.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2014). Europeisk innflytelse på norsk energi- og klimapolitikk i et historisk perspektiv: I hvilke grad har politisk ledelse og embetsverk sett mot Brussel?.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum & Wettestad, Jørgen (2014). Europaparlamentet som klimajoker. Energi og Klima : Norsk klimastiftelses nettmagasin.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum & Wettestad, Jørgen (2014). Eus nye klimapolitikk: boksekampen har begynt!. Dagens næringsliv.  ISSN 0803-9372.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2013). Energibruk i bygg: hvordan sikre en god og samordnet nasjonal politikk?.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2012). Europeanization and Entrepreneurship: How Importers, Fashion Queens and Shrewd Lawyers Link Europe to National Policy-making.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2012). Hva og hvem styrer norsk klimapolitikk? - industrien, byråkratene, politikerne eller EU?.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2012). Hvem påvirker norsk klimapolitikk? Byråkratene, industrien, eller EU?.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2012). Kortsiktig om sertifikater. Dagens næringsliv.  ISSN 0803-9372.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2012). Politikerne og byråkratene deres.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum (2012). Politikerne og byråkratene deres - hvilke makt har byråkratene over klimapolitikken?.
  • Boasson, Elin Lerum & Wettestad, Jørgen (2012). Industry and European Integration: Institutional Feedback Triumphing over National Economic Power?.

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