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Academic Interests

  • Comparative political institutions
  • Governments and coalition politics
  • Political parties and intra-party democracy



  • PhD in Politics and International Relations, Dublin City University (November 2013)
  • MA in East European Research and Studies, University of Bologna (November 2007)
  • MA in Political Theory, University of Bucharest (July 2005)
  • BA in European Cultural Studies, University of Bucharest (July 2003)

Previous positions

  • College Lecturer in Politics (Part-Time), University College Cork (2013-2014)
  • Lecturer in Politics (Part-Time), Dublin City University (2012-2014)
Tags: Comparative Politics, European politics



Journal articles

“Presidential Partisanship in Government Formation: Do Presidents Favour Their Parties When They Appoint the Prime Minister?” (with José Antonio Cheibub). Political Research Quarterly. Published online 6 July 2017. DOI:

"A mould-breaking cabinet? Changes and continuities in the formation of the 2017 French government". French Politics. 2017. 15(3): 340-359.

"Cabinet Ministers under Competing Pressures: Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Political Parties in Semi-presidential Systems"Comparative European Politics. 2017. 15(2): 180-203.

"Cabinet Payoffs in Coalition Governments: A Time-varying Measure of Portfolio Importance". 2016. Party Politics. Published online 29 April 2016. DOI:

"Proximity, Candidates, and Presidential Power: How Directly Elected Presidents Shape the Legislative Party System" (with Robert Elgie, Bernard Dolez, & Annie Laurent). 2014. Political Research Quarterly 67(3): 467-477.

"The development of the French executive: Endogenous Americanization" (with Robert Elgie). 2012. French Politics 10(4): 389-402.

"Coal Miners’ Raids and the Rewriting of History. Instruments of Legitimation and Delegitimation in the Romanian Press of the 1990s". 2004. Studia Politica - Romanian Political Science Review 4(3): 733-757.


Books and book chapters

“Selection of Presidential Candidates in Europe” (with Bonnie Field). Forthcoming 2018. Chapter in Democratizing Candidate Selection in Times of Crisis: New Methods, Old Receipts?, eds. Xavier Coller and Guillermo Cordero. London: Palgrave MacMillan.

“Institutions for Amending Constitutions” (with Bjørn Erik Rasch). Forthcoming 2017. Chapter in Oxford Handbook of Public Choice, eds. Roger Congleton, Bernard Grofman and Stefan Voigt. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

“Constitution-Making and Legislative Involvement in Government Formation” (with José Antonio Cheibub, Shane Martin, & Bjørn Erik Rasch). Forthcoming 2017. Chapter in Perspectives on Constituent Assemblies, eds. Jon Elster, Roberto Gargarella and Bjørn Erik Rasch. Cambdrige: Cambridge University Press.

"Poland: Presidentialization and Post-Modernity in a Young Democracy" (with Iain McMenamin). 2015. Chapter in The Presidentialization of Political Parties: Organization, Institutions and Leaders, ed. Gianluca Passarelli, 107-123. London: Palgrave Macmillan.

"Scheda paese Romania". 2007. Chapter in Guida ai paesi dell’Europa Centrale, Orientale e Balcanica. Annuario politico-economico 2006, ed. Francesco Privitera, 277-290. Bologna: Il Mulino.

"Scheda paese Romania". 2006. Chapter in Guida ai paesi dell’Europa Centrale, Orientale e Balcanica. Annuario politico-economico 2005, eds. Luisa Chiodi and Francesco Privitera. Bologna: Il Mulino.

The weight of historical patterns, collective memory and historical legacies over the evolution of the Romanian democratization process. 2005. Iasi: Lumen.



Who fires ministers? A principal-agent approach to ministerial deselection. 2013. PhD Dissertation. Dublin City University.

Review of Foundations of International Political Economy by Matthew Watson. 2006. Journal of International Relations and Development 9(2): 216-219.



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