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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Per Kristen Mydske Mydske, Per Kristen +47-22855215
Picture of Trond Nordby Nordby, Trond Professor Emeritus +47-22855194
Picture of Bjørn Erik Rasch Rasch, Bjørn Erik Professor +47-22855183 Parliamentarism, democracy, electoral systems
Picture of Jacob Aasland Ravndal Ravndal, Jacob Aasland Researcher 99615149
Picture of Lawrence E Rose Rose, Lawrence E Professor Emeritus +47-22855175
Røed, Maiken Researcher
Picture of Anne Julie Semb Semb, Anne Julie Head of Department +47-22856125 International Politics, Political theory, Comparative politics, Conflict, State sovereignty, Minorities, Human rights, Citizenship
Picture of Kjersti Skarstad Skarstad, Kjersti Human rights, International Politics, Comparative Politics, quantitative research, Political Theory, disability rights, Conflict
Picture of Hege Skjeie Skjeie, Hege Professor +47-22845963
Picture of Tora Skodvin Skodvin, Tora Professor +47-22855166
Picture of Ida Dokk Smith Smith, Ida Dokk Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22841605 91146873
Picture of Simen Sørbøe Solbakken Solbakken, Simen Sørbøe PhD Candidate - Department of Political Science +47 45514593 Political Science, International Politics, Methodology, Environment and Climate, Agent-based Modeling, Game Theory, Chaos Theory, Dynamic Systems, Complex Systems
Picture of Tatjana Stankovic Stankovic, Tatjana Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22854762 Game theory, International Politics, Conflict Resolution
Picture of Anton Steen Steen, Anton Professor +47-22855182 public policy, immigration policy, refugees, governance
Picture of Olav Schram Stokke Stokke, Olav Schram Professor +47-22845964 99609048 International Politics, International relations, International cooperation, International Political Economy, International institutions, International environmental governance, Nordic
Picture of Håvard Strand Strand, Håvard Associate Professor +47-22855198 Comparative Politics, development studies, Elections, Democracy, Global South, USA
Picture of Kacper Szulecki Szulecki, Kacper Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22855593 +47-40616684 International Politics, Energy policy, Climate Politics, Environmental policy, Social Movements, Public policy
Picture of Håkon Sælen Sælen, Håkon Researcher 91693150 International cooperation, International regmies, International agreements, International environmental governance, Climate change, Climate Policy, Climate Politics, Climate Agreements
Picture of Martin G. Søyland Søyland, Martin G. Doctoral Research Fellow Comparative Politics, Methodology, Statistics, Parliamentarism
Picture of Olle Törnquist Törnquist, Olle Professor +47-22855328 Global South, India
Picture of Luca J. Uberti Uberti, Luca J. Researcher 0047 (0) 228 45 824 Development, Corruption, Global South, Institutions, Growth and Development, transition processes
Picture of Arild Underdal Underdal, Arild Professor emeritus International Politics, International cooperation, Energy, International environmental governance, International institutions, international negotiations
Picture of Signy Irene Vabo Vabo, Signy Irene Professor +47-22854430
Picture of Tore Wig Wig, Tore Researcher +47-22844998 90 52 27 29 Global South, USA
Winsvold, Marte Slagsvold Researcher