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Jon Elster is awarded the annual Skytte Price - visits the University of Oslo October 3.

Jon Elster is the first Norwegian who has been awarded the honorable Skytte Price in Political Science from the University of Uppsala. The annual award is given to the one who has given the most valuable contribution to political science. 3. October the professor will give the lecture: "Emotions and constitution-making" at the University of Oslo.

Illustrated portrait of Jon Elster.

Jon Elster, illustration:

We will get the pleasure of Elster’s lecture in “Gamle festsal”, Domus Academica Monday 3. October, where head of the Department of Political Science, Anne Julie Semb, and rector of the University of Oslo, Ole Petter Ottersen wishes everyone welcome.

Why do humans act as we do? The crucial question for Elster is ‘How can the way we think, our collective power and our emotions explain our actions?’

For over five decades Elster has enriched and expanded political science by encouraging and assess the significance of rationality and deviations from rationality, social norms and emotions. Elster’s independent intellectual journey, where both bold guesses and self-criticism were indivisible companions, serves as one of the most inspirational examples of boundless curiosity within Political Science.

Elster is awarded the prize for his “incisive, penetrating, and unceasing drive to examine and reexamine that which explains human behavior.” Professor Jon Elster is Robert K. Merton Professor in Social Sciences at Columbia University and titular professor at College de France, Paris.

After Elster’s lecture, Postdoctoral Fellow Cristina Bucur will present an ongoing work on legislatures and constitutional design. Bucur and her colleagues test a hypothesis on institutional interests that derives from Jon Elster. The title is: "Institutional Interest in Constitution-Making and Executive Legislative Relations in Parliamentary Systems".

The event will be held in English and the audience will be given the opportunity to ask questions. After the lecture is finished there will be a reception with refreshments across the square in Domus Bibliotheca where director of the Peace Research Institute in Oslo, Kristian Berg Harpviken, and director of the Center for the Study of Equality, Social Organization and Performance, Kalle Moene, greets the award winner.   

The event is free of charge and open to anyone interested, registration required. 


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