Persons tagged with «Comparative Politics»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Elin Haugsgjerd  Allern Allern, Elin Haugsgjerd Professor +47-22858198 Comparative Politics, Democracy, Political parties, Interest groups
Picture of Elisabeth Bakke Bakke, Elisabeth Associate Professor +47-22856643 Comparative Politics, European studies, Parties, Elites, Nationalism, Visegrád, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Central Europe
Picture of Tor Bjørklund Bjørklund, Tor Professor +47-22855189 Comparative Politics, Referendum, Elections, Immigrants, Radical right.
Picture of Cristina Bucur Bucur, Cristina Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22857185 Comparative Politics, European politics
Picture of Zoltán Fazekas Fazekas, Zoltán Postdoctoral Fellow Comparative Politics, Quantitative methods, Political Behaviour
Picture of Haakon Gjerløw Gjerløw, Haakon PhD Candidate Comparative Politics, Political Economy, Quantitative methods
Picture of Vibeke Wøien Hansen Hansen, Vibeke Wøien Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22855595 Comparative Politics, Public Policy and Administration, Methods, European Union
Picture of Knut Heidar Heidar, Knut Professor +47-22855167 Comparative Politics, Political Parties, Norwegian Political History
Picture of Ottar Hellevik Hellevik, Ottar Professor Emeritus Comparative Politics, Methodology, Values, Quality of life, Inequality, Public Opinion
Picture of Solveig Hillesund Hillesund, Solveig PhD Candidate +47-22845824 Comparative Politics, Civil war, Nonviolent conflict, Inequality, Quantitative methods
Picture of Bjørn Høyland Høyland, Bjørn Professor +47-22858598 Comparative politics, Methodology, EU, Legislative politics
Picture of Oddbjørn Knutsen Knutsen, Oddbjørn Professor +47-22854279 Comparative Politics, European politics, Elections and political cleavages, Research methodology and statistics
Picture of Peter Egge Langsæther Langsæther, Peter Egge PhD Candidate Comparative Politics, Political Behaviour, Elections, Cleavages, Methodology, Statistics
Picture of Anne Julie Semb Semb, Anne Julie Head of Department +47-22856125 International Politics, Political theory, Comparative politics, Conflict, State sovereignty, Minorities, Human rights, Citizenship
Picture of Kjersti Skarstad Skarstad, Kjersti PhD Candidate +47-22842060 Human rights, International Politics, Comparative Politics, quantitative research, Political Theory, disability rights, Conflict
Picture of Håvard Strand Strand, Håvard Associate Professor +47-22855198 Comparative Politics, development studies, Elections, Democracy, Global South, USA
Picture of Martin G. Søyland Søyland, Martin G. PhD Candidate Comparative Politics, Methodology, Statistics, Parliamentarism