Prøveforelesning. Meredith Nash - (White) Pregnant Bodies on the Australian Beach: A Visual Discourse Analysis of Family Photographs

Det arrangeres i høst fire prøveforelesninger i forbindelse med tilsetting i stilling som førsteamanuensis i sosiologi. Prøveforelesningene er åpne for alle, og instituttets ansatte, studenter og styrerepresentanter oppfordres til å møte opp.

Meredith Nash. Foto: University of Tasmania


In this lecture, I shall discuss a group of photographs that feature a place intrinsically related with Australian women's photographic memories of pregnancy - the beach. Building on feminist interdisciplinary studies of family photography, I will argue that family photographs of pregnancy contribute to alternative ways of knowing and interpreting the Australian beach landscape and the entangled social relations and interactions within these spaces. Data is drawn from a set of 34 pregnancy photographs that were taken at the beach in Tasmania between 1945 and 2013 and collected as part of a larger, ongoing mixed methods research project involving the analysis of 236 Australian family photographs of pregnancy. I will conduct a visual discourse analysis of three categories of beach pregnancy images including 1) the family holiday photograph, 2) the bikini photograph, and 3) the 'natural' pregnant body/landscape photograph to enable a more precise account of how personal and cultural memories of the Australian beach intersect. To conclude, I shall suggest that the beach is a critical site for deepening sociological and feminist understandings of the production and expression of pregnant identities and Australian national identity.

Publisert 17. sep. 2015 08:06 - Sist endret 23. sep. 2015 12:29