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The Oslo Register Data Classification

This site provides information on the ORDC-scheme. On this page you will find a brief outline of the scheme's history, some info on the main objectives behind the research that apply the scheme, some of the overall results from these publications, as well as information on participants, related projects, financing and cooperation with other research milieus.

In the left frame you will find links to pages that contain overview of publications, as well as documentation and tools (do-files, excel-files) that are available for anyone interested in our work.

About the project

The intention behind this class scheme is to use the unique possibilities for class research provided by the population data made available by Statistics Norway. In the beginning of the 2000’s Statistics Norway started to use a new and better occupational classification based on ISCO-88. Moreover, high quality data on income that could supplement the data on occupations were available. In order to do research on class based on the register data, class classifications using the new occupational classification as well the other available registers had to be developed. Professor Marianne Nordli Hansen therefore initiated a class classification project, the ORDC-project. The idea behind the project was to follow up her work on classification based on register data in the 1990’s, a work that drew inspiration from Bourdieu’s division between economic and cultural capital. The data used in the classification project was made available for the Department of Sociology and Human Geography for the research project Educational Careers, headed by Professor Arne Mastekaasa. The intention was to supplement the analyses of the impact of social origin based on parental income and education done in this project with class analyses made possible by the ORDC-project.




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