Monitoring Policy and Research Activities on Science in Society in Europe (MASIS) (completed)

About the project

One of the guiding principles of the FP7 Science in Society programme which is part of the 'Capacities' Specific Programme is to contribute to the implementation of the European Research Area through the development of structural links and interactions between scientists, policy-makers and society at large.

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The European Commission wants to address this challenge and stimulate further cooperation in Europe via the identification of common resources, common trends, common interests and common challenges. The MASIS service contract under the topic of the Capacities Work Programme Science in Society 2008, will be instrumental to this end. It will set up - in cooperation with the EU Member States and the Associated Countries - a system to map and to follow the developments of the most important 'Science in Society' activities at national and European levels with the aim to:

  1. inform relevant policy-makers and all other stakeholders;
  2. increase the visibility of such activities in different parts of Europe and;
  3. increase their impact in European policy and society.

MASIS will build upon existing national, regional and European resources where these exist, providing them with visibility and enhancing their European dimension. Where such resources do not exist, MASIS will launch information gathering measures with the help of a network of national correspondents. The contract will include a set of national reports, a synthesis report on Science in Society activities in the European Research Area, and the maintenance of an on-line system to be linked to the EU Science in Society portal.


The service provided through the MASIS contract shall lead to the setting up of a network of national correspondents (experts in the field) that will provide a description, analysis and annotated commentary on the national landscapes of Science in Society (SiS) policy and research activities and capacities in the EU Member States and countries associated with the EU's research Framework Programme.

The core objective is to identify trends, strengths and weaknesses, as well as any Science-in-Society-specific barriers impeding the realisation of the European Research Area.

Background Report

Challenging Futures of Science in Society - The MASIS Report

Contractors and project organisation

Main contractors are COWI A/S, Denmark, together with the Danish Centre for Studies in Research and Research Policy at Aarhus University. Partners from approximately 27 nations.

Torben Hviid Nielsen and Kenneth Dahlgren are national correspondents from Norway.

The project period is 2010 - 2012.

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