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A family immigration marriage harms your career
Published Aug. 30, 2016 10:16 AM

Immigrant women who bring a spouse from their country of origin have poorer career prospects, according to a new doctoral thesis.

Published June 21, 2016 7:54 AM

In 2015, in Maka Sarr, a small remote village in Senegal, a company called `Enersa’ established a 10 kWp solar power plant with a 1.5 km underground distribution network to provide electricity to the households and small businesses. A team of researchers from Norway and Kenya visited the village to understand the energy access situation and learn from the solar hybrid mini-grids that have been installed by private developers.

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Published June 20, 2016 8:45 AM

If you are a male immigrant and marry a woman from a country other than your own, you increase your chances of a good job and a high income. This applies whether the woman you marry is Norwegian or not.

Published June 14, 2016 11:01 AM
Published June 14, 2016 10:57 AM
Published May 30, 2016 1:48 PM
Published May 30, 2016 11:11 AM

Kenya Renewable Energy Association (KEREA) has become a part of the Solar xChange project team. This partnership will strengthen the project's links to the renewable energy sector in Kenya and thereby its outreach in dissemination of research results.

Kerea's website

Published May 30, 2016 10:29 AM

TERI in association with the University of Oslo organized a "Workshop on Village Scale Solar Power Supply Models" under the ongoing project 'Solar xChange' on April 21, 2015 at TERI Southern Regional Centre, Bengaluru.

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Published Apr. 29, 2016 2:14 PM

Something happens to a society after a terrorist attack. Tore Witsø Rafoss has studied the reactions in the US and Norway after 11 September 2001 and 22 July 2011 and found some surprising similarities.

Published Apr. 20, 2016 8:05 AM

In a new article published in Urban Affairs Review Terje Wessel investigates the relevance of spatial assimilation theory in the major Nordic cities. A measured lack of immigrants' upward spatial mobility is partially explained by an association between welfare state characteristics and spatial integration.

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En mann kjører trailer
Published Mar. 21, 2016 1:16 PM

Despite the fact that both men have grown up in Norway and have the same education and work experience, Norwegian employers choose Knut more often than Muhammed.

Published Nov. 13, 2015 1:25 PM

Seeing possibility in unlikely places is arguably at the very heart of transformation. With global environmental problems, including climate change, we are confronted with an unprecedented sense of urgency. Such a sense of urgency can be motivating, but also debilitating. Perhaps it is the slow and artistic transformation of the everyday that is truly critical. Art opens up opportunity to create moments in the city, a momentary disruption to material and human flows.  It slows us down or even stops us for a moment, and sometimes presents us with a new perspective.  The art of transformation in urban areas will be realised by creating moments of possibility.

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Published Nov. 6, 2015 12:37 PM

Women have higher levels of sick leave than men, but it's not a higher work load that is to blame, according to new research. If we are to understand the causes of women's high levels of sick leave we must look beyond the workplace, says researcher Anne May Melsom.

Published Oct. 24, 2015 8:34 AM

Parents on Oslo’s East side have little reason to fear that a high proportion of immigrant pupils in schools in itself hampers student performance, according to new research.

Published Jan. 9, 2015 9:53 AM

Drugs are usually associated with vulnerable social groups. New research reveals that amphetamine, however, is used by some in physically demanding manual jobs - to sustain long working hours.


Published Dec. 12, 2014 2:14 PM

Fighting for the rights of migrant workers in China - without over-stepping the limits of what the authorities allow - is a difficult balancing act. But grassroots organizations are becoming increasingly brave, a new doctoral thesis shows.

Published Dec. 8, 2014 2:53 PM

Health and Sick Leave Absence among Middle-aged Informal Caregivers. Elisabeth Ugreninov

Published Dec. 8, 2014 2:22 PM

A combined survey and register analysis from Norway by Astri Syse, Per Erik Solem, Elisabeth Ugreninov, Reidar J. Mykletun, Trude Furunes.

Published Dec. 8, 2014 2:16 PM

Katharina Herlofson and Elisabeth Ugreninov

Published Dec. 8, 2014 1:47 PM

A quantitative study on women and sick leave by Karin Hamre.

Published Dec. 2, 2014 11:19 AM

Norwegian women who choose to have children say goodbye to exciting career opportunities. Men, on the other hand, work on.

Published Nov. 27, 2014 11:17 AM

People love to reminisce about a rosy past. In his PhD thesis Hans Erik Næss shows that nostalgic memories are not an obstacle, but an important tool to further develop rallying.

Published Nov. 10, 2014 3:04 PM

Gunn Birkelund, Torgeir Mortensen og Mats Lillehagen (2014). "Beyond the bottleneck - Is there an ethnic earnings gap in Norway? - Second generation immigrants in the Norwegian labour market". Under arbeid.

Published Oct. 8, 2014 1:18 PM
Published Sep. 25, 2014 2:20 PM

Bronwyn Hayward and Elin Selboe have written chapter 6.2 Supporting resilient global citizenship in a changing climate: Lessons from Norway, Samoa and New Zealand in a new book published by UNICEF Office of Research, The Challenges of Climate Change: Children on the front line.

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