Victor Lund Shammas

PhD Research Fellow
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Phone +47 48360509
Visiting address 309 Harriet Holters Hus University of Oslo
Postal address PO Box 1096 Norway Oslo Blindern 0317


Journal Articles and Book Chapters

Shammas, V. L. (forthcoming) "Bourdieu's five lessons for criminology." Law and Critique.

Shammas, V. L. (forthcoming) "Superfluity and insecurity: Disciplining surplus populations in the Global North." Capital & Class.

Shammas, V. L. (forthcoming) "Burying Mont Pèlerin: Milton Friedman and neoliberal vanguardism." Constellations.

Shammas, V. L. (forthcoming) "Prisons of labor: Social democracy and a triple transformation of the politics of punishment in Norway, 1900-2014." In: Ugelvik, T. and Smith, P. S. (eds.), Scandinavian Penal History, Culture and Prison Practice: Embraced By the Welfare State? London: Palgrave Macmillan.

Shammas, V. L. (2016) "Who's afraid of penal populism? Technocracy and 'the people' in the sociology of punishment." Contemporary Justice Review, 19(3): 325-346.

Shammas, V. L. (2016) "The rise of a more punitive state: On the attenuation of Norwegian penal exceptionalism in an era of welfare state transformation." Critical Criminology, 24(1): 57-74.

Shammas, V. L. and Sandberg, S. (2016) "Habitus, capital, and conflict: Bringing Bourdieusian field theory to criminology." Criminology & Criminal Justice, 16(2): 195-213.

Shammas, V. L., Sandberg, S. and Pedersen, W. (2014) "Trajectories to mid- and higher-level drug crimes: Penal misrepresentations of drug dealers in Norway." British Journal of Criminology, 54(4): 592-612.

Shammas, V. L. (2014) "The pains of freedom: Assessing the ambiguity of Scandinavian penal exceptionalism on Norway’s Prison Island." Punishment & Society, 16(1): 104-123.


Essays and Reviews

Shammas, V. L. (forthcoming) "Book review: Jamie Peck and Nik Theodore: Fast Policy: Experimental Statecraft at the Thresholds of Neoliberalism." Political Studies Review.

Shammas, V. L. (forthcoming) "Book Review: Dominique Moran, Carceral Geography." Punishment & Society.

Shammas, V. L. (2017) "Pains of imprisonment. Encyclopedia of Corrections (Wiley-Blackwell).

Shammas, V. L. (2017) "Book review: David Garland, The Welfare State: A Very Short Introduction." Theoretical Criminology, 21(2): 255-258.

Shammas, V. L. (2016) "Book Review: Robert W. Sussman: The Myth of Race: The Troubling Persistence of an Unscientific Idea." International Sociology Reviews, 31(2): 199-205.

Shammas, V. L. (2015) "Denying the danger of difference: Notes on the pacification of inmate social relations in an era of ethnoracial diversity." Prison Service Journal, May 2015, pp. 5-10.

Shammas, V. L. (2015) "A prison without walls: Alternative incarceration in the late age of social democracy." Prison Service Journal, January 2015, pp. 3-9.

Shammas, V.L. (2015) "Book Review: Franklin Zimring, The City That Became Safe: New York's Lessons for Urban Crime and Its Control." Acta Sociologica, 58(1): 95-96.

Shammas, V. L. (2014) "Book Review: Erica Weiss, Conscientious Objectors in Israel: Citizenship, Sacrifice, Trials of Fealty." Social Anthropology/Anthropologie Sociale, 22(4): 518-519.


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