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PhD Candidate
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Visiting address 309 Harriet Holters Hus University of Oslo
Postal address PO Box 1096 Blindern 0317 Oslo Norway


PhD Candidate, Sociology Department, University of Oslo (June 2014 - May 2018 [in progress]).

Former Visiting Student Researcher, Scancor, Stanford University (2017); Visiting Student Researcher, Sociology Department, University of California, Berkeley (2015-16); Visiting Doctoral Student, Department of Criminology, Stockholm University (Spring 2015) and (visiting) student at the University of California, Berkeley (2009, 2011); Balliol College, Oxford University (2006); University of Iceland, Reykjavik (2007); The Norwegian University Center in St. Petersburg, Russia (2005).



Journal Articles and Book Chapters

Shammas, V. L. (forthcoming) "Burying Mont Pèlerin: Milton Friedman and neoliberal vanguardism." Constellations.

Shammas, V. L. (forthcoming) "Prisons of labor: Social democracy and a triple transformation of the politics of punishment in Norway, 1900-2014." In: Ugelvik, T. and Smith, P. S. (eds.), Scandinavian Penal History, Culture and Prison Practice: Embraced By the Welfare State? London: Palgrave Macmillan.

Shammas, V. L. (2016) "Who's afraid of penal populism? Technocracy and 'the people' in the sociology of punishment." Contemporary Justice Review, 19(3): 325-346.

Shammas, V. L. (2016) "The rise of a more punitive state: On the attenuation of Norwegian penal exceptionalism in an era of welfare state transformation." Critical Criminology, 24(1): 57-74.

Shammas, V. L. and Sandberg, S. (2016) "Habitus, capital, and conflict: Bringing Bourdieusian field theory to criminology." Criminology & Criminal Justice, 16(2): 195-213.

Shammas, V. L., Sandberg, S. and Pedersen, W. (2014) "Trajectories to mid- and higher-level drug crimes: Penal misrepresentations of drug dealers in Norway." British Journal of Criminology, 54(4): 592-612.

Shammas, V. L. (2014) "The pains of freedom: Assessing the ambiguity of Scandinavian penal exceptionalism on Norway’s Prison Island." Punishment & Society, 16(1): 104-123.


Essays and Reviews

Shammas, V. L. (forthcoming) "Book review: Jamie Peck and Nik Theodore: Fast Policy: Experimental Statecraft at the Thresholds of Neoliberalism." Political Studies Review.

Shammas, V. L. (forthcoming) "Book Review: Dominique Moran, Carceral Geography." Punishment & Society.

Shammas, V. L. (2017) "Pains of imprisonment. Encyclopedia of Corrections (Wiley-Blackwell).

Shammas, V. L. (2017) "Book review: David Garland, The Welfare State: A Very Short Introduction." Theoretical Criminology, 21(2): 255-258.

Shammas, V. L. (2016) "Book Review: Robert W. Sussman: The Myth of Race: The Troubling Persistence of an Unscientific Idea." International Sociology Reviews, 31(2): 199-205.

Shammas, V. L. (2015) "Denying the danger of difference: Notes on the pacification of inmate social relations in an era of ethnoracial diversity." Prison Service Journal, May 2015, pp. 5-10.

Shammas, V. L. (2015) "A prison without walls: Alternative incarceration in the late age of social democracy." Prison Service Journal, January 2015, pp. 3-9.

Shammas, V.L. (2015) "Book Review: Franklin Zimring, The City That Became Safe: New York's Lessons for Urban Crime and Its Control." Acta Sociologica, 58(1): 95-96.

Shammas, V. L. (2014) "Book Review: Erica Weiss, Conscientious Objectors in Israel: Citizenship, Sacrifice, Trials of Fealty." Social Anthropology/Anthropologie Sociale, 22(4): 518-519.


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