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Tid og sted: 19. juni 2017 12:00 - 20. juni 2017 14:30, Auditorium 2, Georg Sverdrups Building (University Library)

GIWeS is organizing a NORFACE WSF (Welfare State Futures) thematic workshop on inequality and welfare states.

Debraj Ray
Tid og sted: 22. nov. 2016 17:00 - 19:00, Room ES 1047, Eilert Sundts hus, Blindern
Tid og sted: 19. sep. 2016 09:00 - 16:00, Room G26, UCL Department Economics, Drayton House, 30 Gordon Street, London

The project partners came together for a workshop on Globalization, Institutions and the Welfare State at the UCL Department of Economics, London.

Tid og sted: 10. aug. 2016 11:30 - 17:15, Norwegian School of Economics, Bergen

The main focus of the workshop is on how behavioral models, in particular reference dependent preferences, can shed light on economic behavior and the role of public policy.

William Thomson
Tid og sted: 16. sep. 2015 12:15 - 14:00, Room ES 1047, Eilert Sundts hus, Blindern

This minicourse by William Thomson teaches how to write and speak effectively about economics. The course is open to PhD students and faculty members.

Tid og sted: 2. sep. 2015 09:00 - 13:00, ECARES, Brussels

The project partners came together for a mini workshop at the European Center for Advanced Research in Economics and Statistics (ECARES) in Brussels on 2 September 2015.

Tid og sted: 3. sep. 2014 18:00 - 21:00, Institutt for samfunnsforskning, Munthesgate 31

Thomas Piketty’s bestselling "Capital in 21st century’’ has spurred a sometimes highly polarized political debate about increasing economic inequality. In the seminar we take a closer look at the conceptual, theoretical and empirical issues raised by Piketty’s book and explore political and economic implications of different aspects of inequality.

Tid og sted: 2. sep. 2013 10:15 - 5. sep. 2013 12:00, ES 1047, 10th floor, Eilert Sundts hus, Blindern campus

Professor Eliana La Ferrara, Department of Economics, Bocconi University and ESOP, UiO, will give a four day PhD-course at UiO from 2 to 5 September 2013.

Tid og sted: 21. juni 2013 08:30 - 16:00, Department of Economics. ROM ES 1047, University of Oslo

ESOP is organizing a workshop in economics and inequality in  Latin America. The workshop is a cooperation between UiO and ECLAC, Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, to strengthen the agenda to reduce inequality.

ECLAC is  one of the five regional commissions of the United Nations. It was founded with the purpose of contributing to the economic development of Latin America.

Tid og sted: 2. okt. 2012 13:15 - 3. okt. 2012 14:00, ES1220

Professor Raquel Fernández (Department of Economics, New York University) will hold two PhD lectures on October 2 and October 3, on "Women's Rights and Development" and "Culture and Female Labor Force Participation".

Tid og sted: 25. juni 2012 10:15 - 29. juni 2012 10:30, ES1047

Professor Eliana La Ferrara (Department of Economics, Bocconi University) will give a five day phd-course June 25-29.

Tid og sted: 19. juni 2012 13:15 - 22. juni 2012 17:00, ES 1047

A short PhD course on academic writing in economics. June 19 and June 22, 2012.

Tid og sted: 1. feb. 2012 15:30 - 16:30, ES 1047

We are having a get together in celebration of the new ESOP web pages, launched February 1.

Tid og sted: 30. aug. 2011 09:00 - 2. sep. 2011 11:00, <br/>Room 1047 (on the 10th floor), Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Oslo
Tid og sted: 20. apr. 2009 14:00 - 29. apr. 2009 12:00, <br/>1047, ESOP
Tid og sted: 28. mai 2007 09:15 - 1. juni 2007 17:00, <br/>NHH