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Bård Harstad and Marco Battaglini

Forthcoming in Journal of Political Economy

By: Ragnar Torvik with James A. Robinson, Harvard and Thierry Verdier

By: Kjetil Storesletten, Jonathan Heathcote and Giovanni L. Violante


By: Erik Sørensen,  Alexander W. Cappelen, Rune Jansen Hagen and Bertil Tungodden

By: Erik Sørensen, Cappelen, Alexander W., Knut Nygård and Bertil Tungodden

By: Erik Sørensen, Kai Liu and Kjell G. Salvanes

By: Karine Nyborg

By: Anirban Mitra and Debraj Ray

By Jon H. Fiva and Olle Folke.

By: Raquel Fernandez

By: Raquel Fernandez and Joyce C. Wong

By: Raquel Fernandez with Joyce C. Wong

The Scandinavian Journal of Economics

Bernt Bratsberg with Oddbjørn Raaum, Marianne Røed, and Pål Schøne

By Jon H. Fiva, Torbjørn Hægeland, Marte Rønning, and Astri Syse.

By: Gino Gancia with Andreas Mueller and Fabrizio Zilibotti


Michael Hoel, and Aart de Zeeuw


Scott Gates and Roy Kaushik

By: Scott Gates with Marianne Dahl, Håvard Mokleiv Nygård, and Kaushik Roy.

By: Bård Harstad and Matti Liski

By: Mads Greaker

Av: Karine Nyborg

By: Geir B. Asheim

By: Karine Nyborg

By: Carl Henrik Knutsen, Helge Hveem and Asmund Rygh

By: Carl Henrik Knutsen and Helge Hveem