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Our research subjects:

The Welfare State

Exploring the sustainability of generous welfare states

Social Organization

Exploring the interaction between markets, social equality and worker security

Development and Globalization

Understanding the viability of egalitarian market economies

Income and Social Mobility

Understanding the linkages between economic performance, distribution, and social disparities.

Institutions and Society Models

Understanding the interaction between policies, institutions and long term development.

Foundational issues

Theoretical and empirical method developments, clarifications of concepts and terms, and overviews.



Books and articles

Working papers and theses


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Theme: The Nordic Model

The Nordic model is a way of organising society which combines social security and capitalistic dynamics in a unique way.

Theme: The Miser Index

The Miser Index is a measure of how miserly a country is. A society where the rich accumulate huge fortunes, but let the poor live miserably, is a miserly society.