Study halls at the Faculty of Social Sciences

As a student at the Faculty of Social Sciences you will have access to the study halls and colloquium rooms at Eilert Sundts hus, as well as have a locker at your disposal.

Study halls available for students at study programmes at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

You can find the study halls for students at undergraduate level at the Faculty of Social Sciences on the 2nd floor of Eilert Sundts hus, connected to the Learning Centre. Here you will be able to access study desks, seminar rooms and work stations with computers and printers. The study desks are only yours while you are using them, and can not be reserved.

There are also additional smaller study halls connected to every department on the higher floors, as well as a common study hall and computer lab on the second floor.

Opening Hours for the Study hall at the 2nd floor, Eilert Sundts hus:

Monday- Friday: 8.00 - 21.00
Saturday and Sunday: Closed (open for a few weekends during exam season)

Please note that the study halls are used for exams at the end of every semester, and will therefore not be available to students at these times.

Colloquium rooms

There are colloquium rooms connected to the Learning Centre on the 2nd floor of the Eilert Sundts hus. These rooms are at the student’s free disposal when they are not occupied – they can not be reserved.

Study hall desks at the Library of Humanities and Social Sciences

There are study desk with power outlets for computers available for students on every floor at the Library in Georg Sverdrups hus.


Studentutvalget (SVSU) at the Faculty of Social Sciences are responsible for the lockers in the basement and at the Learning Centre on the 2nd floor. If you wish to make use of these, please do as follows:

  • Choose a locker, lock it with a pad lock and make a note of the number on the locker.
  • Go to the office of SVSU at the 2nd floor of Eilert Sundts hus, room 238 ES) between 11 and 12 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. At the office someone will help you register the locker. You need to pay 40 kroner and get a sticker in return.
  • Place the sticker on your locker.

NB! Lockers that have not been paid for will be cut open by Studentutvalget. The content of the locker may be collected at SVSUs office for a fee of 100NOK.

Published Oct. 4, 2010 6:50 PM - Last modified Jan. 12, 2016 5:12 PM