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Guest student on master courses at the Department of Economics

External candidates are not admitted to take our master's courses, but you may get a visiting student status. Visiting students can attend lectures and seminars in master's courses, and may sit the examination.

Who can apply for visiting student status?

To apply for visiting student status, you have to fulfill one of the three criteria below:

  1. You are currently a student on another master's programme at UiO or another Norwegian university/university college, and can document that the course(s) you want to take at the Department of Economics can be included as part of the programme.
  2. You have completed a master's degree in Economics at UiO or another Norwegian University.
  3. You want to take one or more of the 5000-code courses, in order to qualify for the PhD-programme. To get the guest status in this case, you need to have the academic background that will qualify for applying for admission to the PhD-programme after taking these courses.

How to apply?

Fill in and submit the following online application form:
Application for status as visiting student at the master's Level in Economics

NB! If you have not previously been enrolled at the University of Oslo, you must upload the following documentation in the online application form:

The application form - including the required documentation - must be submitted within the following deadlines:
1 August for the autumn semester, and 5 January for the Spring semester.

The applications will be assessed after the deadline has expired. Your application will be answered by e-mail.

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