Printing at the Faculty of Social Sciences

Which printer should I use?

Are you in the learning centre at Eilert Sundts House?

  • Use this printer: svlsenter

Are you in Harald Schjelderups House?

  • Use this printer: psyklasstue

Are you having trouble printing?

Is your print in a queue?

If a long time passes without your print appearing you should check the print queue before trying to print the document again. Find the name of the printer you are using and put that name in to the field called "printer name".

Poor quality of printing?

From time to time the performance of the printers is not optimal. There may not be enough  toner, or there could be something else wrong with the printer resultin in poor quality of printing. If this happens, you can have the cost of the affected print refunded if you bring the print to the HelpDesk in Eilert Sundts house, or if you are in Harald Schjeldrups House you cab contact the IT support at the Department of Psychology. Refunds can only be applied for up to 24 hours after the document was printed, and the document must be presented.

General tips for better printing

  • Do not press the buttons you do not know. Rather ask for help.
  • When filling the paper draw "air" the paper by waving it a little from one end. This prevents single sheets from sticking together in the printer and stopping the machine.
  • Remember to close the paper draw.
  • Please help us keep the immediate area around the printers tidy.
  • When collecting your printed document please be careful not to take any sheets from the document under yours.
  • Please remember to take the front page of your print.
  • When IT support is present inform them of any problems with the printer.


Standard settings for printing at UiO is two-sided. You can find guidance about copy fees, paying for printing and how to increase your print quota at UiO's main page about printing.

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Published Mar. 11, 2011 10:50 AM - Last modified June 3, 2016 9:49 AM