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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Mari Gakkestad Gakkestad, Mari Seniorkonsulent +47-22859468 Research administration, External funding, Research Communication, Web editor, Cristin, Open Access
Picture of Ilze Gehe Gehe, Ilze Adviser +47-22850589
Picture of Katalin Godberg Godberg, Katalin Senior Executive Officer +47-22856645
Picture of Gro Granum Granum, Gro Førstekonsulent +47-22845244
Picture of Kirsten Ingeborg Greiner Greiner, Kirsten Ingeborg Senior Executive Officer +47-22858184
Picture of Line Grenheim Grenheim, Line Seniorkonsulent - On leave of absence until may 2017
Picture of Sverre Andreas Sydnes Gustavsen Gustavsen, Sverre Andreas Sydnes Higher Executive Officer +47-22845055 Disputation, Exam arranging, PhD, Admission Ph.D.-programme
Picture of Dagfinn Hagen Hagen, Dagfinn Avdelingsleder +47-22850461
Picture of Eline Kvamme Hagen Hagen, Eline Kvamme Førstekonsulent +47-22845941 ESOP, conferences, events
Picture of Caroline Hals Hals, Caroline Seniorkonsulent +47-22858064 Student councelling, Student and academic administration
Picture of Ida Hjelmesæth Hjelmesæth , Ida Administrative Director (on leave) + 47 22 85 87 01 administrative management, Human resources administration, Financial management, Budget, Strategy, Research administration, annual plan
Picture of Bjørnar Hjulstad Hjulstad, Bjørnar Administrative Manager +47-22845005
Picture of Gyro Anna Holen Holen, Gyro Anna Administrative manager -on leave of absence until 01.07 2019 +47 98829967 Research support, External funding, Research Communication, Web editor, Norwegian Centre of Excellence
Picture of Kristina Huglen Huglen, Kristina Higher Executive Officer +47-22858338 Exam arranging, Examination, Student councelling, Bachelor, admission master
Høiland, Thea Executive Officer
Picture of Siv Håberg Håberg, Siv Seniorkonsulent +47-22856074
Picture of Alf Chr Jensen Jensen, Alf Chr Executive Officer +47-22857573
Picture of Lene Os Johannessen Johannessen, Lene Os Senior Executive Officer +47-22841907 +47 41 92 88 51
Picture of Maiken Bjerga Kiil Kiil, Maiken Bjerga Higher Executive Officer +47-22854003
Picture of Sofie Kjernli-Wijnen Kjernli-Wijnen, Sofie Senior Executive Officer +47-22854265 Study administration, admission master, Teaching schedule
Picture of Jostein Peter Eikrem Koløen Koløen, Jostein Peter Eikrem Senior Executive Officer +47-22854288 International administrative coordinator
Picture of Eirin Kristiansen Kristiansen, Eirin Senior Executive Officer +47-22854230
Picture of Geir Ove Kværk Kværk, Geir Ove Senior Advisor +47 22 85 88 60 +47 99 51 37 91 Project management, International cooperation, External funding, EU, Research management, Research support
Picture of Brita Langeid Langeid, Brita Senior executive officer +47-22855255
Picture of Frode Løvik Løvik, Frode Administrative Manager +47-22841618 92663059