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Administrative staff

Persons 1 - 25 of 65
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Kristin Røed Andersen Andersen, Kristin Røed Higher Executive Officer +47-22854322
Picture of Sebastian Tørnvall Andersen Andersen, Sebastian Tørnvall Executive Officer Information
Balstad, Vegar Senior Adviser +47-22854101
Picture of Hannah Bergh-Johnsen Bergh-Johnsen, Hannah Higher Executive Officer +47-22856025
Picture of Egil Bergh-Telle Bergh-Telle, Egil Senior Engineer +47-22845010 +47-90697377
Picture of Hein Bodahl Bodahl, Hein Head Engineer +47-22855110 +47-40921015
Picture of Ingvill Nygård Bojer Bojer, Ingvill Nygård Administrative Manager +47-22859849 +47-47278283 Studies, Information
Picture of Ola Bratseth Bratseth, Ola Adviser +47-22841623 +47-90188948
Picture of Hilde Corell Corell, Hilde Higher Executive Officer 22844162 Special exam, Postponed exam, Diploma, Exam arranging
Picture of Mari Corell Corell, Mari Adviser +47-22856360 Organized research training (doctoral programme), PhD
Picture of Maria Vinje Dodson Dodson, Maria Vinje Adviser +47-22855254
Picture of Snezana Djureinovic Eidhamar Eidhamar, Snezana Djureinovic Senior Executive Officer +47-22855114
Picture of Johannes Elgvin Elgvin, Johannes Administrative Head of Research and Communication +47-22841170 +47-92260799 Communication, Management, Research management
Picture of Mette Frydendal Frydendal, Mette Senior Executive Officer +47-22855218 +47-91657772
Picture of Gro Lien Garbo Garbo, Gro Lien Senior Adviser +47-22856718 95210539 95 21 05 39 Science communication, Press contact, Communication
Picture of Gudleik Grimstad Grimstad, Gudleik Faculty Director + 47 22 85 62 64 /+ 47 22 85 62 65 + 47 90 68 73 47 Management
Picture of Gro Hauki Hals Hals, Gro Hauki Higher Executive officer 22856263 Diploma, Exam arranging, Postponed exam
Picture of Nina Alnes Haslie Haslie, Nina Alnes Adviser +47-22855154 48286222
Picture of Mohamed  Hazza Hazza, Mohamed Head Engineer +47 22 85 51 24 Innkjøp, IT-drift
Picture of Kari Henriksen Henriksen, Kari Senior Adviser +47-22856266
Picture of Øivind Magnus Hoff Hoff, Øivind Magnus Head Engineer +47-22845012 +47-91748158
Picture of Amalie Kvame Holm Holm, Amalie Kvame Adviser +47-22845086 97665884 97 66 58 84 Science communication, Communication, Press contact
Picture of Nina Håheim Håheim, Nina Adviser +47-22844253 External funding
Jabbari, Azar Senior engineer +47-22845014 Lab-ansvarlig
Picture of Sarah Kippernes Kippernes, Sarah Executive Officer Information