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Picture of Elin Lerum Boasson Boasson, Elin Lerum Associate Professor +47-22841710
Picture of Hilde Bojer Bojer, Hilde Professor Emeritus Economics
Picture of Beverly Boos Boos, Beverly Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22845078 Identity, Political Psychology, Social Psychology, Material culture, Kinship, Conflict
Picture of Anne Inger Helmen Borge Borge, Anne Inger Helmen Professor +47-22845157 92094699 Developmental psychology
Picture of Nicolai Topstad Borgen Borgen, Nicolai Topstad Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22855248 Sociology
Picture of Solveig Topstad Borgen Borgen, Solveig Topstad Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22855506 Education, Ethnic segregation
Picture of Øivind Bratberg Bratberg, Øivind Senior Lecturer +47-22855168 +47-97625415 British Politics, Textual Analysis, Social Democracy, Qualitative Methods
Picture of Tom Bratrud Bratrud, Tom Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22855105 +47 99457861
Braut-Hegghammer, Målfrid Associate Professor +47-22856607
Picture of Kjell Arne Brekke Brekke, Kjell Arne Professor +47-22841169 48295384 Behaviour Information and Strategy, Income Employment and Welfare, Economics, Resources Energy and Environment
Picture of Timothy John Brennen Brennen, Timothy John Professor +47-22855212 Neuroscience, Neuropsychology, Cognitive psychology
Broch, Tuva Beyer Senior Lecturer USA, person- centered ethnography, Psychological oriented anthropology, diversity, emotion work, Norway (Oslo), nature and outdoor recreation, childhoods
Picture of Grete Brochmann Brochmann, Grete Professor +47-22858336 99278730 Sociology
Picture of Anne Cecilie Sjøli Bråthen Bråthen, Anne Cecilie Sjøli Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22845094 Cognitive psychology, Neuroscience, Neuropsychology
Picture of Tine Elisabeth Johnsen Brøgger Brøgger , Tine Elisabeth Johnsen PhD Candidate (on leave) +47 22 85 88 19 European Union, European integration, Institutions, Common Foreign and Security Policy
Picture of Jonas Kure Buer Buer, Jonas Kure Senior Lecturer +47-22858262 40453367 Japan, Popular medicin, Clinical communication, Rituals
Picture of Silje Bårdstu Bårdstu, Silje PhD Candidate +47-22845181 Clinical psychology and personality psychology, Social Psychology, Health psychology
Picture of Lars Böcker Böcker, Lars Postdoctoral Fellow Human Geography
Picture of Esther Ann Bøler Bøler, Esther Ann +47-22857199 Economics, International Economics, Income Employment and Welfare
Picture of Jørgen Bølstad Bølstad, Jørgen Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22858818 Representation, Democracy, Public policy, European integration, Political economy, Eurocrisis, European Union, Quantitative methods, Comparative politics
Picture of Erik Carlquist Carlquist, Erik Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22845078 Cultural and Community Psychology, Critical Psychology
Picture of Fulvio Castellacci Castellacci, Fulvio Head of Department +47-22841628 Economic growth and development, Well-being, R&D and innovation policy, Economics of innovation, Innovation in firms, Innovation in industries
Picture of Pietro Castelli Castelli, Pietro Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Joy-Loi Chepkoech Chepkoech, Joy-Loi Doctoral Research Fellow Cognitive psychology, Neuroscience, Neuropsychology, Computational Neuroscience
Picture of Tom Christensen Christensen, Tom Professor +47-22855163 China