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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Karl Ove Moene Moene, Karl Ove Professor +47-22855130 Growth and Development, Income Employment and Welfare, Economic Policy, Economics, International Economy, Resources Energy and Environment
Picture of Lasse Moer Moer, Lasse chief engineer 22858222 90517201
Picture of Magne Mogstad Mogstad, Magne Researcher
Picture of Jon Trygve Monsen Monsen, Jon Trygve Professor +47-22845196 91868385 +47 91868385 Clinical psychology and personality psychology
Picture of Trygve Larsen Morset Morset, Trygve Larsen Doctoral Research Fellow International Economy, Economics, Income Employment and Welfare, Money Credit and Finance
Picture of Sigrun Marie Moss Moss, Sigrun Marie Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22845150 Cultural and Community Psychology, Social Psychology
Picture of Svein Mossige Mossige, Svein Professor +47-22845206 Clinical psychology and personality psychology
Picture of Andreas Moxnes Moxnes, Andreas Professor of Economics 93458531 andreas.moxnes -at- International Economy, Industry Market and Competition, Economics
Picture of Katarina Mozetic Mozetic, Katarina Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22854863 Sociology, Migration, Integration, refugees, qualitative research, Europe
Picture of Per Kristen Mydske Mydske, Per Kristen +47-22855215
Picture of Andreas Steinvall Myhre Myhre, Andreas Steinvall Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22854237 +47-91631981 Economic Policy, Public Economics., Economics, Econometrics
Picture of Sissel Myklebust Myklebust, Sissel Associate professor (retired) Science policy, Science and Technology Studies, History of technology and industry, Expertise, Consumption and advertising
Picture of Tuukka Mäkitie Mäkitie, Tuukka PhD Research Fellow +47 22 84 57 85 Innovation, Innovation systems, Environment and Energy
Picture of Nisma Mælum Mælum, Nisma Adviser +47-22845274 Human resources administration
Picture of Tommas Måløy Måløy, Tommas Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Liv Tone Måseidvåg Måseidvåg, Liv Tone Senior Executive Officer +4748148854 Recognition, administration
Picture of Hilde Eileen Nafstad Nafstad, Hilde Eileen Professor emeritus +47 92421444 Critical Psychology, Cultural and Community Psychology, Social Psychology
Picture of Nefissa Naguib Naguib, Nefissa Professor +47 22857560 +47 91710778 Political Anthropology, Humanitarianism, Material Culture, Cultural Heritage, Globalisation, Longue Durée, Identity, Artisanal crafting, Consumption and Value, Mediterranean, Norway, Middle East
Picture of Erik Nakkerud Nakkerud, Erik Doctoral Research Fellow +47-45231027 Cultural and Community Psychology, Environmental Psychology
Nasab, Nazaneen Saie Higher Executive Officer +47-22841625 BA programme in public administration, Exam appeals, Lesson planning, TP, Guest researchers, confirmations, Student councelling
Picture of Henrik Natvig Natvig, Henrik Associate Professor +47-22845177 +47-99798400 Social Psychology
Picture of Frikk Nesje Nesje, Frikk Research Fellow +47 22855259 Economics, Political Economics, Resources Energy and Environment
Picture of Hedda Ness Ness, Hedda Doctoral Research Fellow Cognitive psychology, Neuroscience, Neuropsychology
Picture of Bettina Nielsen Nielsen, Bettina Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22845218 Preventative psychology
Picture of Torben Hviid Nielsen Nielsen, Torben Hviid +47-22841606 Sociology