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Elections - autumn 2015

In the autumn 2015 there are two up and coming elections at the Faculty of Social Sciences: The election of Dean/Vice-Dean of the Faculty and elections for the Faculty Board.

The election of Dean/Vice-Dean

Can I vote?

Students and employees with at least 50% permanent position at the faculty, and Professor II can vote. In addition, temporary staff can vote if they are in a continuous employment of at least 50% with a duration of at least one year.

Suggesting Candidates

You may formally nominate candidates during the period 17 August - 9th October 2015.

The following rules apply for those who wish to nominate candidates:

  • The proposed dean/vice-dean must be employed at least 50 % in a permanent academic position
  • Proposals for candidates must be signed by at least ten persons entitled to vote
  • Candidates proposed should be requested and have agreed to take on the position if she/he is elected
  • All proposals must be designed so that both the dean and vice dean position is filled when the elections are completed
  • Anyone who is entitled to vote has the right to nominate candidates
  • No one can sign more than one proposal for the same position

The nomination Committee's proposal

The Nomination Committee announced its proposal on September 11th. The nomination Committee proposes:
as Dean: Nils-Henrik M. von der Fehr
as Vice Dean: Ingjerd Hoëm

Read more about the candidates on the SV web pages (in Norwegian).

Election of Dean/Vice-Dean

If there is more than one proposal for the Dean/Vice-Dean position an electronic voting will be arranged (2-6 November).

The votes are counted separately for the following employment groups, and weighted as follows:

  • Permanent and temporary employees in teaching and research: 53%
  • Technical and administrative staff: 22%
  • Students: 25%

Who is eligible as Dean/Vice-Dean?

  • Must have relevant background and even have had an active research career as the foundation, normally professorial
  • Ability to collaborate across disciplines and with different personnel groups
  • International networks and ability to promote faculty outwardly
  • Experience in academic management, personnel management and financial management
  • Experience with obtaining funding from various sources
  • Good leadership skills and personal suitability (initiative, creativity, flexibility, strategic thinking, results orientation, communication, interpersonal skills)


Election for the Faculty Board

Which deadlines apply?

  • The election period is Monday 16 November at. 8:00 to Friday 20 November at. 3:00 p.m.
  • The deadline for nominating candidates is Monday 2 November at. 5:00 p.m.

Who will be elected to the board?

  • two members from the academic staff (permanent) and two deputies
  • one member of academic staff (fixed term) two deputies
  • one member of the technical-administrative staff and two deputies
  • three members of the faculty's students with deputies: Students hold a separate election meeting organized by SVSU

Can I be nominated?

For employees:

  • you must be employed in at least a 50% position
  • you must be employed until at least 1 January 2017
  • these leaders may not be elected: Head of department/ assistant Head of departments, faculty director, assistant faculty director, leaders at the Faculty Secretariat and Head of office in the departments

How to nominate

Candidates are proposed by their "voting group":

  • permanent faculty member can propose themselves or another permanent academic employee
  • Fixed term faculty member can propose themselves or another fixed term faculty member
  • technical / administrative staff can suggest themselves or a colleague in a technical / administrative position

Proposals must be submitted in writing (e-mail) by 2 November at. 5:00 p.m.. Each proposal may be signed by up to 5 proposers vote.
Proposals are to be submitted to the Election Board Secretary: Cecilie W. Lilleheil

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