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Bård Harstad

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Room 1140
Available hours Monday 8-10

Academic Interests

 Applied theory: Political Economics, Public Economics, Environmental Economics


 Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

        - Max McGraw Chair in Management and Environment (2010-13)

        - Associate Professor (2008-13)

        - Assistant Professor (2004-08)

 IIES, Stockholm University: Ph.D 2003


Dynamic Games in Environmental Economics, PhD Minicourse 15-17 Dec. 2014

Working Papers

Experimentation in Federal Systems, R&R QJE, with Steve Callander

The Dynamics of Climate Agreements, R&R'ed 07/14, JEEA

Private Politics and Public Regulation, NBER WP 19737, with Georgy Egorov

The Market for Conservation and Other Hostages, 06/14


 Participation and Duration of Environmental Agreements, with Marco Battaglini

Journal of Political Economy, accepted

Climate Contracts: A Game of Emissions, Investments, Negotiations, and Renegotiations

Review of Economic Studies 79(4), 2012: 1527-57

Buy Coal! A Case for Supply-Side Environmental Policy

Journal of Political Economy 120(1), 2012: 77-115

Bribes, Lobbying, and Development, with Jakob Svensson

American Political Science Review 105(1), 2011: 46-63

Trading for the Future: Signaling in Permit Markets, with Gunnar Eskeland

Journal of Public Economics 94(9-10), 2010: 749-760

Strategic Delegation and Voting Rules

Journal of Public Economics 94(1-2), 2010: 102-113

Do Side Payments Help? Collective Decisions and Strategic Delegation

Journal of the European Economic Association P&P 6(2-3), 2008: 468-477

Harmonization and Side Payments in Political Cooperation

American Economic Review 97(3), 2007: 871-889

Organizational Form and the Market for Talent

Journal of Labor Economics 25(3), 2007: 581-611

Flexible Integration? Mandatory and Minimum Participation Rules

Scandinavian Journal of Economics 108(4), 2006: 683–-702

Majority Rules and Incentives

Quarterly Journal of Economics 120(4), 2005: 535-568

Book Chapters

Games and Resources, with Matti Liski, also in

Encyclopedia of Energy, Natural Resource, and Environmental Economics 2013, vol. 2: 299-308

How to Negotiate and Update Climate Agreements, shorter version in  Post-Kyoto International Climate Policy, Cambridge University Press, 2009 (Ed: Aldy and Stavins)


Erik Kempe Award 2013

Fridtjof Nansen Award for Young Researchers 2013

Named "one of the 10 foremost Norwegian scholars below 40" (Morgenbladet)

ERC Starting Grant, 2012-16

Sandmo junior visiting fellowship 2008, from NHH (first recipient)

Arnbergska Prize 2006, The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

Nationalgaven til Chr. Michelsen, 2000

More Information

 The GInE Project



Tags: Economics, Applied Theory, Political Economics, Economic Policy, Public Economics, Resources Energy and Environment
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