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Kristoffer Holt presents his research on immigration critical alternative media in Sweden .

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This workshop will map and analyse the relationship between ethics and extremism in public representations of extremism and in political efforts to fight it.

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Andrea Rinaldi, University of Bergen, presents the political legacies of Ezra Pound.

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Dr. Elizabeth Morrow, University of Birmingham, presents her research on the English Defence League

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This talk will cover the history of reactionary movements in the US.

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Academic Lecture by Dr. Ori Goldberg, The International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT).

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Sindre Bangstad presents findings from his Research on SIAN.

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Dr. Pete Simi, Chapman University, presents lessons from the field of long-term ethnographic fieldwork with far right extremists.

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Based upon a unique dataset of 111 lone actors that catalogues the life span of the individual’s development, Dr. Paul Gills talk contains important insights into what an analysis of their behaviours might imply for practical interventions aimed at disrupting or even preventing attacks. It adopts insights and methodologies from criminology and forensic psychology to provide a holistic analysis of the behavioural underpinnings of lone-actor terrorism.

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Professor Oliver Decker, University of Leipzig, presents the findings from a recent German "Mitte" survey from 2016.

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In this presentation, Christopher Parker, University of Washington, outlines an ongoing book project.

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Graham Macklin discusses the surprising scope and wide-ranging impact of covert intelligence activities against the British extreme right both before, during and after the Second World War.

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Lecture by Joel Busher, Coventry University

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Using data collected in the first immigration module of the ESS in 2002/3, Elisabeth Ivarsflaten analyzed which voter grievances electorally successful populist radical right in Western Europe most effectively mobilized.

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Academic lecture by Kathleen Moore, Professor in Religious Studies at University of Santa Barbara