Agency Governance in the European Union

The Special Issue of the Journal of European Public Policy on 'Agency Governance in the European Union' edited by Berthold Rittberger and Arndt Wonka has been republished with Routledge.

About the book

The rapid proliferation of EU agencies represents one of the most significant changes to the EU’s organisational set-up in past decades. At the same time, this development has significantly affected regulatory policy-making in the EU.

This volume assembles the most renowned scholars in the field to address the key themes and challenges that agency governance in the EU poses to effective and legitimate policy-making. The first theme addresses the causes and dynamics of the creation and design of regulatory bodies in EU governance, focusing not only on EU agencies but also on alternatives to the agency format, such as regulatory networks. Second, once agencies are established, the book goes on to explore the consequences and trajectories of agency governance. How effective and autonomous are EU agencies? How does EU agency governance transform existing patterns of executive governance in the EU? Third, the book addresses the design of EU agencies as independent, non-majoritarian institutions poses pressing questions with a view to their legitimacy and accountability.

The chapters in the book are all results of a RECON workshop at the Mannheim Centre for European Social Research in September 2010. The workshop formed part of the research project 'Agency governance and its challenges to the EU's system of representation', which is affiliated to the RECON-project.

The chapters include:

  • 'EU-level agencies: new executive centre formation or vehicles for national control?' by ARENA-researchers Morten Egeberg and Jarle Trondal and
  • 'The European Parliament and the legitimation of agencification' by ARENA-researcher Christopher Lord

Full info

Berthold Rittberge and Arndt Wonka (eds.)
Agency Governance in the EU

2012 Routledge, 168 pages
ISBN: 978-0-415-68966-3

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