The European Parliament and the legitimation of agencification

Christopher Lord has published the article "The European Parliament and the legitimation of agencification" in Journal of European Public Policy Vol 18 No 6 2011.


The European Parliament (EP) has often criticized the agencification of the European Union. Yet in practice it often uses its legislative powers to strengthen the powers and independence of European agencies. To explain this paradox, this paper analyses the six cases where the 2004–2009 EP legislated to create a new European agency. It argues that the Parliament overcame some of its doubts about agencification by proposing amendments which brought the legislation closer to its own legitimation beliefs.

Moreover, the EP has developed a substantial repertoire of amendments which it now more or less repeats every time it is confronted with a proposal for a new agency. Many of these amendments are designed to shore up control of agencies, sometimes in novel ways which suggest that the Parliament has in part made its peace with agencification by becoming more amenable to the control of agencies by methods involving multiple principals.

Published Sep. 15, 2011 2:58 PM - Last modified Sep. 30, 2011 1:47 PM