Research at ARENA

Since its foundation in 1994 ARENA has continously developed its research agenda.

Research agenda

Our strategy to build and develop an international research centre has been to focus on a few main questions and then combine resources and people around these questions. During more than one and a half decade, this academic core has been revised a few times, based on adjustments in our research agenda internationally, our own and other's findings and not least on the people at ARENA in different phases of the life of the centre. 

When The Norwegian Research Council made a call for comprehensive projects on Europe in Transition in 2007, ARENA used this as an opportunity to revise our agenda once more. The application to this programme was designed to function as an organisational umbrella over all of ARENAs activities. Hence EuroTrans is both a project financed by the Research Council and an overarching research agenda for the whole centre.

Integration of projects

This means that most projects at ARENA, also those financed by other sources, are related to the EuroTrans research areas. The 'ARENA-model' of integrated projects is based on the following:

Different projects

  • small and big
  • funded by different sources
  • initiated/coordinated/conducted by different ARENA researchers
  • within different time frames

are organised together under a common academic and/or thematical umbrella.


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