Johanna Strikwerda

Doctoral Research Fellow
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Phone +47 22 85 88 73
Room 329
Visiting address Sognsveien 68 3rd floor 0855 Oslo
Postal address P. O. Box 1143 Blindern 0317 Oslo ARENA Centre for European Studies

Academic Interests

Johanna Strikwerda's main academic interest include the Common Security and Defence Policy, European integration and the foreign and security policy of the EU. The topic of her PhD concerns the role of the European Commission in European defence integration over the past ten years.


Strikwerda holds an MA degree in International Relations from the University of Groningen. As part of her BA (same university) she studied at Bilkent University in Ankara, Turkey.


Strikwerda's PhD project is 'Pushing the boundaries of intergovernmentalism? The role of the Commission in the Common Security and Defence Policy'

Tags: European integration, Common Foreign and Security Policy, European Commission, Institutions, European Union


  • Strikwerda, Johanna (2018). Unexpected compliance? The implementation of the Defence and Security Procurement Directive. Journal of European Integration.  ISSN 0703-6337. . doi: 10.1080/07036337.2018.1482288 Show summary
  • Strikwerda, Johanna (2016). Sovereignty at Stake? The European Commission's proposal for a Defence and Security Procurement Directive. European Security.  ISSN 0966-2839.  26(1), s 19- 36 . doi: 10.1080/09662839.2016.1255198 Full text in Research Archive.

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  • Strikwerda, Johanna (2018). A defence research budget for the European Union. The beginning of a new era?.
  • Uleberg, Martin & Strikwerda, Johanna (2018, 27. juni). Lanserer nytt militært samarbeid i Europa: ruller ut ny militærplan.  Klassekampen.
  • Strikwerda, Johanna (2017, 08. mars). NRK Urix spesial: Nederlands høyrenasjonalist. [TV].
  • Strikwerda, Johanna (2017). Unexpected compliance? The implementation of the Defence and Security Procurement Directive.
  • Strikwerda, Johanna & Stolt-Nielsen, Harald (2017, 06. oktober). Nederlandske politikere har forhandlet om ny regjering i over 200 dager. Mandag kan de slå egen rekord.  Aftenposten.
  • Strikwerda, Johanna (2014). Member state sovereignty at stake? The Commission’s proposal for a Defence and Security Procurement Directive.
  • Strikwerda, Johanna (2012, 12. september). Dagsnytt 18, 'Valget i Nederland'. [Radio].

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