Persons tagged with «Human Geography»

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Bitsch, Anne +47-22858876 +1 (929) 325-4638 Sociology, Human Geography, Human rights, Rape, Men, Masculinities, Feminist theory, Gender
Dypedokk, Kristin Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22858722 Goverance, sustainable diets, human geography, natrual resource management
Garcia-Godos, Jemima Associate Professor +47-22855293 +47 48216138 Human Geography, Development studies, Latin America, Human Rights, Post-conflict societies
Gentile, Michael Professor +47-22855150 Human Geography, Urban development, Quantitative methods
Goncalves, Kellie Postdoctoral Fellow Sociolinguistics, Globalization, Mobility, Human geography, Discourse analysis, Multilingualism, Intercultural communication, ELF, Multilingual and ‘blue-collar’ workplaces, Domestic labor, Adventure tourism, Semiotic landscapes, Language policy, Identity
Haugen, Heidi Østbø Postdoctoral research fellow - Department of Sociology and Human Geography +47 22854276 Human Geography, China, Africa, trade
Hesselberg, Jan Professor +47-22855919 Human Geography
Hjorteset, Mari Andrine Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22854204 Human geography, Urbanism, Mobility
Jordhus-Lier, David Professor +47-22854807 Human Geography
Jøranli, Ingvild Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22845670 Human Geography, Innovation systems
Knutsen, Hege Merete Professor +47-22855952 +47-41500855 (mob) Human Geography
O'Brien, Karen Professor +47-22858480 Human geography, Environment, Climate change, Transformation, Social Change
Røe, Per Gunnar Professor +47-22855217 91716365 (mob) Human Geography
Standal, Karina Energy, Gender, Development, Asia, Human Geography, India
Stokke, Kristian Professor +47-22855242 97014168 (mob) +47-97014168 Human Geography
Wessel, Terje Professor +47-22858331 Human Geography